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We specialize in semi-private individualized training.  It is our mission to help you achieve your goals in the safest, most effective way possible!




Joey Szatmary

Grow Your Gym Into A Predictable Machine That Dominates Your Market

 If you haven't trained in a long time, or you're returning from an injury, or perhaps haven't ever been involved in an authentic training program this is the best option for you.  This program will help build the 'foundation' for a healthy and strong lifestyle.  The Foundations program delivers with basic movement patterns that can be progressed to more advanced training methods based on your progress.  Each individual is different so don't feel like you need to keep pace with anyone!  Go at your own pace and focus on building a functional level of strength and aerobic capacity.  The Coaches are always here to guide you through!

3x per week | $167 per month

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Our long time friend and client Sully tore his ACL in March 2016. After a couple months earning a beer gut he made drastic changes to his diet, attacked training to get him stronger, leaner and improve recovery from the injury. Now he's back to doing all the things he enjoys like heavy lifting, hiking on a regular basis, dominating man-meals, and living an overall healthier lifestyle. 

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Tanya DiMarsico

All our clients at JVH are treated and trained like athletes. Age and current fitness level are irrelevant. The coaches understand the importance of progression and evaluation, which is what we do each and every session, with each and every client. Tanya DiMarsico has completely dedicated herself to living the Victory Lifestyle. She trains with intensity that's unmatched, eats super clean and is willing to accept coaching every workout! What's more impressive is that Tanya is 40 years old. I know it's incredibly hard to believe with these photos!! More proof that consistency and commitment make it all happen!

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