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April 2, 2019

We're taught from a young age in sports and school to strive for goals.  

Aim high, set lofty goals, reach for the stars...

Why is it then that so few actually do and even fewer reach those lofty goals?

Goes without being said that any highly sought after endeavor comes with obstacles, sacrifice, self-discipline, work-ethic, and mental toughness.  I can (& often do) beat a dead horse with all those characteristics requ...

March 12, 2019

There is noticeably a profound difference between someone who has intentions to achieve their goals and someone who has a burning desire to achieve them. 

From a Coaching perspective it's easy to tell the difference.  We see it on the regular at JVH. 

Recently, I've been working harder to understand what pushes peoples buttons.  Any nudge or push I can give to people in order to get them closer to  their goals....

March 5, 2019

By now, the David Goggins book, Can't Hurt Me is in high demand.  I highly recommend investing in this book, which is the most inspirational story I've heard in a long time.  

In the book he talks about the Accountability Mirror. 

Goggins was born into rock bottom and throughout the course of his life he battled back, but got knocked back down to rock bottom several times.  He is a lone soldier who had enough...

February 9, 2019




Work Ethic




It's imperative to constantly work on improving those 4 in order to achieve your goals.  They are the backbone of success.  Adversity comes in many different forms.  No matter how big or small the obstacle is, you will overcome it by honing in on the above recipe.

I preach this to the wrestlers on a daily basis:

January 4, 2019

Each year leaves seeds of success to plant moving forward. Here’s 3 biggies I took away from last year ;)

Dominate Another Day 

Coach Hoke

November 12, 2018

 Your mind can be a powerful tool or your biggest enemy.  Train it wisely ;)

"Callus Your Mind!"

-David Goggins

Nobody has fire in their eyes for every day, every workout, every task. We all have days that we just aren’t “feeling it.” We do, however have the power to make a choice in those moments weak thoughts. You can train your mind to be powerful beyond measure by exercising that choice the right way. This technique w...

September 19, 2018

Ever been stuck in a rut? 

Experience setbacks or failures? 

Set goals and miss them by a mile? 

Chances are you answered yes to at least one of these...

Instead of harping on the negativity take a step back, consider why and how you're failing, and accept full responsibility.  You'll realize that it's pretty easy to recognize what's holding you back.  Most of the time people aren't honest with themselves about the commitmen...

May 9, 2018

"Strength is never a weakness."

-Mark Bell

Chasing strength in a variety of ways is a lifelong journey. As we grow older, wiser, stronger it's imperative to remember to stick to the basics and always work on the foundation.  

You will never outgrow the ability to get stronger. Strength does not discriminate. Age, gender, height, weight, skin complexion, hair color, shoe size are all irrelevant factors. EVERYONE has th...

February 28, 2018

I just want to tell you all that you're awesome and we're all going to have a dominating week!  

We will not make excuses, we will push ourselves harder, we will be better today than we were yesterday, we will eat broccoli instead of french fries, we will support others, we will get stronger & smarter, we won't let any negative energy creep into our heads, we will be RELENTLESS!!

3.. 2..1...GO!!!

Check this quick video to g...

January 17, 2018


3 big lifestyle/personal development lessons

3 big training lessons from 2017.

Dominate Another Day

- Coach Hoke

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