Doing the Little Things

We're always preaching about training regularly, sticking to the basics, attacking weaknesses, improving strengths and all the things that deliver physical results in the gym. Ever think about how much effort goes into that 60-90 minutes you spend in the gym? Programming, technique, muscle groups, sets & reps, rest time, load, intensity... We can most likely agree that your actions and effort in the gym provides in large part your results. But, there's another 22 hours left in the day.

Do you fuel your body/muscles for recovery post workout? Are you getting adequate sleep? (this one is huge and under-emphasized) If you train early in the morning are you getting complex carbs the night before? What's your lifestyle like outside the gym? Active? sedentary? Is your pre-workout meal enough to fuel you for the training session you're about to hit? You've built your way up to attempt a PR next Monday. Did you party all weekend? You want to train for speed, but you have practice for 2 hours before you train. Is speed training effective then? Look, there's enough confusion when it comes to training thanks to social media and the internet. I'm not trying to create more for you. Just creating awareness that your actions outside the gym effect the results you get for the efforts under the barbell. Own your actions. If training is important to you, do the little things that deliver better results. The little things make a BIG difference in the long game. Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke

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