Cool. Calm. Collected.

An Inspiring Athlete Story

Don’t Stress Mr. Adversity.

Mr. Adversity always shows up. Usually he barges his way in right when things seem to be going great. All of a sudden he sets you back with a knee injury. Well, if you’re as focused as Mike Caputo was his senior year, you don’t even flinch. You don’t give Mr. Adversity the satisfaction of knowing he set you back.

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Champions Mindset

Then, when Mr. Adversity tried to derail Mike again by messing with his tournament seed on a BS, technicality he still didn’t flinch. Mike played the cards he was dealt and still won a section title and birth to compete at the state tournament. He prepared the same he always did, trained, practiced and did all the things that brought him to that level.

Student becomes the teacher

While competing at NYS wrestling championships, mike yet again stared down Mr. Adversity. He hit a move in his semifinal match against a returning NYS champion which we all thought was going to give him the lead and possible victory. On a questionable (at best) call the official called it illegal, which meant no points were awarded. Mike kept his head and battled his face off, but lost a close match. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Mike wrestled back hard finishing 4th in NYS. He fell short of his goal of becoming a state champion, but he taught me something on that journey. As one of his Coaches, I would show emotion and frustration when Mr. Adversity came knocking. Mike was cool, calm and collected the entire time. He was never rattled, stayed focused and left it all on the mat. As my coaching career continues (with Mike assisting me now) I remember that valuable lesson and pass it on to our team now. Don’t flinch bc you’ve worked too hard to get where you are. Stay focused, keep moving forward and stay the course no matter what! Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke


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