January 21, 2019




That short quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has deep meaning.  The struggle is where the glory is.  Without it, you won't appreciate the experiences you had, the lessons you learned and the person you become while striving for a highly desired vision. 

The next time you find yourself staring down Mr. Adversity, remember that.  As you wonder why you've been faced with such a roadblock holding you back from accomplishing your goals think about that message.  Instead of fearing Mr. Adversity, stare him down and demand he brings his best shot.  

Chasing a state championship? Good, be ready for Mr. Adversity

Want to earn a division 1 scholarship?  Good, be ready for Mr. Adversity

Planning to double your PR's this year?  Good, be ready for Mr. Adversity

Never fear Mr. Adversity, challenge him with all your might ;)




This first time, one time offer expires soon, do not miss this opportunity!  

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke


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