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December 19, 2018



Monday 12/24- Open Gym 8am-12pm (closing at 12)
Tuesday 12/25- CLOSED
Wednesday 12/26- Open Gym 12pm-8pm (closing at 8)
Thursday- resume regular schedule

Weekly schedule can be found here===> 

If you want to get lean and stay lean like this jacked Santa, increase your intensity in the gym. 

By intensity I mean the pace at which you train.  Take fewer and shorter rest periods throughout your workout and aggressively attack each set/rep!

Conditioning aka cardio is supplemental to strength work and when applied the right way yields fat burning results without sacrificing muscle/strength gains.  Melting away on a treadmill or elliptical is time consuming, boring and can help you lose weight, but not necessarily the right kind.  Too much traditional cardio causes loss of muscle, strength and the eventual burnout.  Or worse- becoming skinny fat.  

Adding in conditioning circuits, EMOM's, AMRAP's, tri-sets, giant-sets, pyramids at the end of your strength workouts is super effective to shed fat without sacrificing strength.  It's also a lot more time efficient.  It's also a great opportunity to reinforce technique for compound lifts bc you'll use much lower loads.  

More on this next time...

Dominate Another Day.


-Coach Hoke

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