Squat Series 4

As your training age increases the need for variation and advanced progressions becomes imperative in order to continue to gain strength. In regards to barbell squatting, you can take the next step with some of the progression in part 4 of our Squat Series. Learn how to overcome sticking points, avoid plateaus, put more focus on your posterior chain with the techniques we cover in this video. It's never too late to learn new training methods/techniques. Personally, I just began a new training block that includes Low Bar Back Squats. I posted my first low bar squat session on IG, view it RIGHT HERE. In my 15+ years training and Coaching I've played with low bar squats, but never consistently stuck with them. Change is good and I'm excited to earn the results ;) Squat Series, part 4 is yours for the taking: https://youtu.be/g5FGJYIdARU Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke PS subscribe to my channel for more videos like this--> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMm5l-s1BNtyuS9dfUerFw

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