Becoming More Explosive

So, my trip to The Lions Den last week was a busy one. Joey and I recorded a podcast discussing all aspects of Coaching. Episode RIGHT HERE. As gym owners and Coaches we're constantly asked if it's possible to produce certain results and if so how. One of the most sought after training results amongst athletes is developing explosive speed, power and quickness. The second reason for my road trip to The Lions Den was to shoot a video sharing my 3 best and most effective tips to develop explosive power: ---><--- Is it possible to make an athlete more explosive? If so, what are the best methods? Are athletes genetically pre-disposed to be more explosive or not? If they're not, can they develop more explosiveness. If an athlete is already naturally explosive can they get more explosive? In this video you'll get the answers to all those questions and more. For more videos like this subscribe to our channels! Coach Hoke- Joey Szatmary- Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke

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