When all else fails, STRENGTH prevails.

"Strength is never a weakness."

-Mark Bell

Chasing strength in a variety of ways is a lifelong journey. As we grow older, wiser, stronger it's imperative to remember to stick to the basics and always work on the foundation.

You will never outgrow the ability to get stronger. Strength does not discriminate. Age, gender, height, weight, skin complexion, hair color, shoe size are all irrelevant factors. EVERYONE has the ability to get stronger!

For athletes it's as simple as this:

Take 2 athletes that are currently have equal skill level and follow each one over the course of 2 years.

Athlete A | Only trains 3 months out of the year because he/she only practices their sport all year round. Athlete A doesn't commit to strength training on a consistent basis.

Athlete B | Attacks strength training on a consistent basis. He/she trains all year round, regardless of sport or season.

At the age of 14 Athlete A and Athlete B have the same skill level at their sport. Two years later, both athletes continued the same course of action to improve at their sport.

After 2 years, who do you think becomes the better athlete?

Who avoided injury throughout those 2 years?

Which athlete runs faster, jumps higher, recovers quicker, sustains strength and ability late in the game/match?

Which athlete is more coachable and better able to execute skills required for the sport?

9 times out of 10, the answer to all of these questions is Athlete B.

That's not exactly a factual case study, but I've experienced this scenario with countless athletes. With some years under my belt as a strength coach and a wrestling coach I've seen this scenario played out first hand. Strength is the ultimate equalizer. It will help you overcome any physical or mental battle you might face. There is no substitute for strength. You need to be strong and always seek ways to grow stronger on a consistent basis. When your faced with adversity and all else fails all you have to fall back on is physical and mental strength. Strength will always prevail.

That statement yields a ton of truth and can be applied to physical training and mental toughness.

The stronger you get, the more durable you become. Durability=longevity.

The more you challenge yourself and push yourself, the tougher you become mentally. Simply by attacking weaknesses you become mentally tougher throughout the process.

"Strength is never a weakness"

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke

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