Core Exercises that boost performance

March 29, 2018

Your core musculature is a lot more vast than just your abs, but for today we'll focus mainly on your trunk.  

The 2 best core exercises to improve strength, performance and subsequently aesthetics are:

1. Planks

2. Loaded carries (front)

I know what you're thinking. Rewind 10 years ago and I would have thought the same thing, "There's no way these 2 exercises are the best of the best when it comes to core training."  

Here's a brief explanation why they're the best...

Your anterior and posterior core muscles in your trunk are made up of your abs (internal/external obliques, rectus/transverse abdominals) and your lower back muscles (erector spinae).

Their job is to maintain support and stability throughout your entire trunk, including your spine. Think about all the movements you do throughout the day, playing sports, training, walking, running etc...  

Every single movement, be it subtle or aggressive, emanates from your trunk.  To improve the function and strength of that area you have to work on improving your core stability. Loaded carries and plank variations are the best way to do that. Those 2 exercises also help with understanding how to brace and execute diaphragmatic breathing, which is of utmost importance in training.  

You can train those 2 exercises for years and never run out of progressions or get bored.  

There are countless progressions and variations to them.  


Here's a video of some advanced level stability exercises:


Give these a shot over the weekend!

Dominate Another Day.

- Coach Hoke

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