Should you skip breakfast?

JVH Team,

I'm subscribed to Coach Joe Szatmary's newsletter from The Lions Den. In his last one he shares 5 reasons why you shouldn't skip breakfast.

Here they are:

So, like many of you I used to wake up grab my coffee and head right out the door to work. I was so caught up in the daily grind that I would just run out the door and skip breakfast, sound familiar?

I figured if I was skipping breakfast that meant less calories and a better way to lose weight.


I actually ended up having cravings for EVERYTHING. They would come a couple hours later in the morning, mid day, and even before bed.

My energy was low and I felt groggy.

I needed to change this...

What was the game changer?


After working with multiple nutritionist they went over the importance of having a healthy breakfast and all the benefits that came with it.

The 5 reasons why you shouldn't skip breakfast are...

1 | It actually kickstarts your metabolism

As we sleep at night our metabolism slows down because our body has less requirements. When we wake up it's important to get our bodies metabolic process kickstarted, that's where breakfast comes in.

2 | Keeps blood sugar levels stable

Have any of you ever started to feel dizzy, or light-headed later in the morning when you don't eat breakfast? I have, and it was because my blood sugar wasn't stable. Even if you aren't very hungry it's important to get some sort of breakfast in so it can stabilize your blood sugar levels.

3 | Your mood will be better

Ever hear of HANGER? Well it's a real thing. Whenever we are food deprived we tend to get angry or agressive. As crazy as this sounds scientists are now discovering that getting angry during times of hunger is actually a survival mechanism.

So let's make the world a better place and be a little less hangry =]

4 | Weight control

If you have more frequent meals throughout the day it helps from binging on bad food, and you will also be less likely to snack. This will result in less unhealthy calories consumed. We suggest instead of doing 3 meals per day, you should consume 4-5 meals evenly spaced during the day.

5 | Increases brain power

The brain needs food too! Getting in a solid breakfast will help fuel your brain and help you have a more productive morning. Something as simple as a couple of eggs will work wonders in brain cognitive function.

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke

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