No Fail Guide to Domination

Normally I avoid the cliche of writing about new year, new beginnings, new goals, but this year I decided to join the majority of writers/bloggers/email blasters etc. Truthfully, I despise new years resolutions bc most people lose sight of them before February. Anyway, here's a general guide to dominate your goals in 2018:

1. Understand where you currently are and where you want to get/what you want to accomplish | 1 year isn't very long, even though it may seem that way when looking ahead. You want to strive for lofty goals, but not so lofty you're doomed for failure. 2. Your goals and resolutions MUST be strong enough in order to maintain your commitment | Having a 6-pack is not a strong enough goal. Having 4-5% bodyfat in order to win a competition in 6 months has more of a purpose. Your purpose is what helps you stay the course. Without purpose you'll inevitably fall off and make lame excuses. 3. Write it down! | In the book The One Thing, Gary Keller says your about 70% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. Fact or not, I would take my chances. 4. Purpose without priority won't help | It's important to prioritize your daily tasks in order to move forward and up. If you don't prioritize the tasks that bring you closer to your goals how on earth do you expect to achieve them??? 5. Go public, but Go to Work! | If you're bold enough to make a public statement and share your vision it will definitely hold you slightly more accountable. However, daily social media posts aren't necessary. It's actually annoying. You get rewarded in public for the time you spend working in private.

You'll all survive with or without these tips. Just remember that it takes MASSIVE ACTION in order to make gains in lifting and in life.

Dominate Another Day

- Coach Hoke

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