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I've been a meathead obsessed with training since my Dad got me my first pull-up bar when I was 12. Even before that I was obsessed with all sports and intense outside activities. I even enjoyed cutting the grass lol. As a kid I would beg my parents to let me stay outside day and night climbing trees, riding my bike, playing every sport you could imagine with anyone who was willing to join. I was probably the most difficult child for my parents to raise and I'm the youngest of four, which I'm sure made it even more annoying for them haha

Anyway, as soon as that pull-up bar was up in the basement I used it everyday. Every single time I went downstairs I did at least one set. No exact number, I just made sure to do them every time I went into the basement. I would also pair push-ups with the pull-ups.

Fast forward to high school through college, I maintained those same habits.

Fast forward to today, I'm 31 with a pull-up bar in my own house, still maintaining those same habits. In fact, last Sunday I was putting up Christmas lights and working on my new home. Throughout the day I threw down pull-ups and push-ups just about every time I walked passed the bar. By 9 o'clock that night I accumulated 107 pull-ups and 221 push-ups.

To avoid boring you with my life story I'll explain why this is important to know...

For 19 years I've been using the Grease The Groove method. This method essentially supplements your regular training routine. There is a more exact prescription to GTG, but in it's most basic sense that's what I've been doing. I didn't know I was doing it until about 4 years ago when I discovered GTG as an actual training method. Zach Even-Esh wrote about it in his book The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning, which is a must read.

GTG can be used with any bodyweight exercise as well as basic barbell lifts such as squats, deads, presses. The basic concept is that you should grease the groove of a movement pattern you want to improve by performing submaximal sets at about 50-60% intensity several times throughout the week to supplement your strength and conditioning regimen.

It's easy if you have a home gym. Just leave a BB loaded with weight and do a few sets/reps a few times throughout the week. No warm-up necessary, no scheduling time to train. The accumulation of strength and improved movement quality over the course of weeks, months, years will develop some serious strength gains.

Well, that's my story for the week. Hope you liked it :)

Body Weight exercises will always be effective...

... just ask Rocky Balboa!

Dominate Another Day

-Coach Hoke

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