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JVH Team,

With the turn of each new year I like to reflect on the previous year. Reflections include success, failure, lessons learned, growth, setbacks, all things that will get me closer to personal mastery.

There is no specific order as they are all equally important. I will take a page out of Tim S. Grovers book "Relentless" and number each lesson the #1.

1. Nothing Trumps Consistency - this counts in all aspects of life. Consistent with training, nutrition habits, family time, work ethic/effort, sleep patterns, goal setting, evaluating, and consistently moving closer to your goals.

1. You Can. You Will. You Must. Words to live by from Dr. Eric Thomas - If you want something badly enough and have a strong enough 'why' you will find a way to reach your potential. There will be obstacles to overcome and when you face them, take a deep breath and repeat those 6 words. I HIGHLY recommend reading some of E.T.'s books. My affiliate link to his site that has books, video's and grind gear for men and women is RIGHT HERE- https://shop.etinspires.com/# I've personally read 4 of his books in the last year and they've truly changed my life and the way I think. Plus his gear is off the chains!!

1. Family First - not that this a new lesson learned, but last year was a very, very difficult year for my family. We had to come together to overcome health issues amongst our family. That said, without question we all made many, many sacrifices in order to be there for each other while going through these struggles. I do not wish to rehash any of it.

1. Tunnel Vision - When you're really pushing yourself to achieve a certain goal you must stay focused and have the eye of the tiger like Balboa himself. Do not allow any person or thing to derail you from accomplishing what you set out to do. Cut out all distractions. Just Go.

1. Invest - The reason I am where I am today is bc I learned how important it is to invest. Always invest in your knowledge, your craft, personal development, your health, relationships and your time. Yes, things cost money and 95% of the time you get what you pay for. Don't bargain with yourself when it comes to investing in becoming the best version of yourself. If you hold back on investing in yourself bc you only see these things as an expense, you will never reach your full potential. As long as you take action on your investment, you'll make it back tenfold be it in the form of money or your capabilities.

1. Winners Win, But Winning Isn't For Everyone - Don't read too deeply into this one. The fact is, if you really, really want to accomplish a goal, you can do it. You will win, if you really want to. Winning isn't for everyone bc not everyone has a strong enough 'why' or goal. I highly recommend finding your purpose.

1. Structure = Freedom - This may have been the hardest lesson learned from 2016. With my business and my family expanding I lost control of the structure I had in my life. It seemed like no matter what I did something always knocked me off track even when I had my old structure in place. So, I did the opposite and failed to plan accordingly, which eventually crushed me emotionally until I had that AH HAA moment! Currently, I'm diligently working to get that structure back in place for the gym, my personal life and Coaching. I CAN. I WILL. I MUST.

1. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition - I was raised by my parents and Coaches I played sports for to be told something once, maybe twice and not make the same mistake again. As a Coach trying to impact people on a deeper level than physical capabilities, I realized that's not always the case. People need to hear things and see actions over and over before it hits home with them. I found that to be one of my weakest areas as a Coach, so if I seem repetitive now, that's why ;)

1. You can't measure success by wins and losses - After last years wrestling season, which I saw as a failure, Coach Vides could hear, see and feel my anguish with how I thought I failed the team as a Coach. He said something that has stuck with me since, "You can't equate winning to success." In case you don't know this, I'm ULTRA competitive. Sometimes I try to hide it, but I can't. I HATE TO LOSE. I hate it so much that I allow losses in anything to effect the way I think and react for longer than I should. When Coach Vides said that to me, I thought about the few kids that I know I impacted on a higher level than just wrestling. All of a sudden, last season didn't seem like that much of a failure. For that, Thank you Coach!

1. Sets and Reps are boring - I've been training since I was 13 years old when my dad bought me my first weight set. Seventeen years later, my passion for all things training is greater now than it was then. In that time and still now I study training on a regular basis. Myself and the Coaches at JVH are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training. However, we spend equally as much time studying and improving the art of Coaching, which is much more important. Being able to find what pushes each individuals' buttons is what makes a great Coach. Sets, reps, percentages, conditioning... is the easy part.

My intention here is to help you learn from my mistakes before you make them! I hope this helps.

- Coach Hoke

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