JVH Performance | Nutritional Seminar

What will we cover at the Nutrition Seminar?

Nutrition habits aka your diet seem to be a topic of discussion everywhere and especially in any gym you walk in to. For most people understanding the basics and what they need to eat in order to perform life's daily activities will suffice. Other times, athletes or gym rats may have more dialed in, specific goals when it comes to performance and/or aesthetics.

This will be the fifth Nutrition Seminar hosted at JVH Performance. Each time we've had guest speakers from varying backgrounds diving into all different areas of the ever-expansive topic. This particular seminar will include discussions about the difference between nutrition for performance and nutrition for aesthetics. We will also educate you how important it is to have goals, which is the backbone of everything involved in training. We'll then dive into why you should understand what macronutrients are, timing of your macros, and timing of meals. Meal prepping will included as well.

We hope to provide solutions to the competitive athlete as well as the regular gym goer. The athlete who needs to gain muscle and the person who wants to get as lean, healthy and strong as they can will leave with questions answered. Athletes will learn that fueling up for competition is as important as the training that leads up to game day! People that want to shed fat will understand that their diet is responsible for 80% of revealing the elusive 6-pack!

As always, you'll be sent home with resources to guide you in the right direction. Come hungry...

For knowledge bc we will be dropping knowledge bombs all day! ;)

This Saturday at JVH Performance in Stony Point, 10:30am. $10/person ALL ARE WELCOME! Pay at the door, no need to pre-register.

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke

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