Master the Mundane

JVH Team,

This article is for the die hard athlete, or professional. If you don't recognize yourself as one of those people, don't read this article. It's not going to resonate with you.

Now that we have that out of the way, it's important to distinguish the two types of people out there who are mastering their craft:

1) Those who accomplish all tasks they deem necessary in order to accomplish set goals.

2) Those who truly live the life and do what is deemed necessary to succeed, yet also have become "masters of the mundane".

Becoming a Master of the Mundane is something I learned from one of my favorite strength coaches down in Northa Carolina, Travis Mash. For those who don't know him I suggest you check him out, he's the man. Anyway, the word mundane means 'lacking interest or excitement' and in regards to the professional or athlete it's the little things that at first seem like they don't matter, but that actually do.

For example in the case of a financial investor who's income depends on his clients investment money. This person may crunch all the numbers correctly, know all the upcoming stocks he can put his client's money into, but that's only going to get him so far and everyone else in his field is doing the same thing. However, if he were to become a "master of the mundane" he might for example: check up on his clients to see how their families are, take them to lunch every couple of months, or he might even send them a Christmas Edible Arrangement as a thank you. Sure these things sound boring, trivial, and a waste of money, but these are the little brush strokes that add up and create that masterpiece in the end.

Those who also seek to become Masters of the Mundane to obtain the highest attainable level are athletes. No matter the age I'm telling you right now that if you're a wrestler, a football player, or an olympic weightlifter everyone is hitting the gym as much as you are. Everyone is practicing their footwork, everyone is doing the lifts, and practicing their shots. If everyone is working just as hard as you are, what's going to set you apart from them? The answer is simple: mastering the mundane everyday activities that they ARE NOT .

These top notch athletes make sure they get the right amount of calories in to gain, lose or maintain weight and recover faster. These athletes are making sure they're getting the extra reps in and then some when no one is looking. These athletes are the ones who are taking time to study footage, work on their mobility and get 8-10 hours a night. They aren't going out partying because they have to wake up at 8am on a Saturday to get those extra reps in. They are doing what everyone else perceives as being trivial.

Yes, the two examples of a financial investor and an athlete are two very different sides of the spectrum, but the message is still universal for those on a path of success. The little things that you do, the mundane activities that seem insignificant at first are going to add up and put you miles ahead of everyone else in the upcoming years.

I being an athlete and someone who is mastering the mundane everyday knows what needs to be done to be the best. I beg of you to take that extra step - I want you to be at the top.

So when I ask you what you did today to set yourself aprt from the competition I want an answer. And if you can't answer that question you just don't care that much.

1% better every day

-Coach K

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