4 Character Traits of the Ultra Successful

People that are highly skilled, highly successful and highly motivated possess a few traits that average people don’t have and can’t seem to get. What are they? Well, let’s just say that there are more than just a few, but we’ll tackle the big ones.

Vision |

The best athlete, most recognized company, leading CEO, the best parents all have a clear vision of what they want. They know what type of people to surround themselves with, what steps it will take to achieve their vision and they have a timeline in order to reach that end result. Without a clear-cut vision how would you know what to strive for? What action steps to take? That vision is often in the distance, but it can be seen clearly through a telescope. Not every ultra successful person knew what his or her vision was. A role model could have inspired it or they could have had a moment when something occurred that made their vision clear. Whether by chance or on purpose, the most successful people do not lose focus on their vision.

Practice Mastery Every Day |

Any champion in sport or in life started with the basics. They built a strong foundation and continued to work on the ordinary things that average people take for granted. The best do the ordinary things better. They advance in their skill and their craft, but they don’t underestimate the power of the basics. You can’t walk before you can crawl. Kobe Bryant would practice free throws after games at 2am to help improve his shot. The professional spends each day practicing mastery and has an insatiable hunger to improve in all aspects of work, skills and life.

Mental Toughness |

Mental toughness is the prowess every dominating human has. Without it, they will fold. They will succumb to pressure and fall back on their vision. Mentally tough individuals thrive when their back is against the wall. The thought of losing is not an option. When they’re dealt with adversity, they do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacle in their way. Eric Thomas was homeless eating out of trash cans before he blew up as a motivational speaker. People who are mentally tough take risks, they fail, but they always come out better and stronger. Mental fortitude and a relentless pursuit of excellence pave the way to achieving the ultimate vision.

Motivate and Empower |

Leadership capabilities are a must for any successful person. The absolute best don’t stop there, thought. The dominant motivate and empower others around them to be the best they can be. They elevate their game and everyone else beside them to form a bond that cannot be penetrated. They inspire people selflessly BC they know they’ve been gifted with a greater power that others may have, but haven’t realized yet. They feel obliged to pass on this gift to those that deserve it BC they see glory in the success of others. Derek Jeter wasn’t just the best Yankee of all time; he made the entire organization the best of all time.

The traits of ultra successful people don’t stop there, but these four will help lead you on a better path to success. Hopefully you’re asking yourself, “What can I do right now to develop these traits?” If I may, dig deeper and investigate further. Educate yourself and read stories of those that made it to the top.

Recommended resources |

"Training Camp" by Jon Gordon

"Turning Pro" by Steven Pressfield

"Relentless" by Tim S. Grover

"Greatness" is Upon You by Dr. Eric Thomas

Dominate another Day

-Coach Hoke

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