Flavor up your food!

JVH Team,

If you're someone who enjoys clean eating, but get bored with some of the bland food, this post is for you. There is a no fail, healthy and flavorful way to spice up your meals. What's better? It goes well with any and all meats, fish, veggies, rice etc. It will also help fuel your gains. All-in-all, adding these 3 (or just 2) ingredients is a home run when it comes to health, flavor, and GAINZ!

The secret ---> Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Crushed Black Pepper.

Benefits of Olive Oil- improves blood flow, fighting agent against diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity. Olive oil is a 'healthy' monounsaturated fat like that found in nuts and seeds as well. It's dense in calories as well, which will help with recovery from workouts and muscle building.

Benefits of Sea Salt- If you train, you sweat a lot (hopefully ;). You need to replace the sodium you lose in your perspiration. What better way to do that than to add some natural sea salt to your diet?! Salt will improve your electrolyte balance, counteract muscle cramping, fight against certain types of arthritis and is also said to help with dental and skin care.

Benefits of Pepper- I didn't know much about this one off the top of my head so I dug a little deeper. This website proved to be very helpful- https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/herbs-and-spices/health-benefits-of-black-pepper.html

So, instead of marinating your steak in a freezer bag full of your favorite bottled teriyaki syrup, brush some olive oil, salt, and pepper on it. You'll receive all these health benefits and be surprised at how tasty it is. Try it on your green beans, asparagus, potatoes, salad, eggs etc. You really can't go wrong adding those 3 ingredients. Don't like pepper? Scratch the pepper and just use salt and olive oil.

Give it a shot with your next home cooked meal. I'll bet you won't be disappointed.

Dine and GAIN!

Dominate Another Day.

Coach Hoke -

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