Squats are KING, but...

JVH'ers, Squats are known as the king of all exercises and although I agree with this, there is an argument to be had. Should everyone squat? My answer... Yes, everyone should squat, but not everyone can squat. Allow me to elaborate... Just to be clear, I'll refer to the traditional barbell back squat in this post even though there are many, many different forms and techniques for squatting. Squatting requires varying degrees of flexibility, mobility, coordination, strength, and movement mechanics. The average person in today's lazy society sits down in front of a screen all day working tirelessly to support their family. That single situation causes enough postural dysfunctions, inflexibility, lack of core strength, hip flexor tightness, upper and lower back issues to keep them out of the game for a lifetime. The 6'10", 33 year old NBA star has no business squatting if he plans on playing at a high level until he's 40. Reason being the stress on major joins such as his knees, ankles, lower back and shoulders (T-spine) can have negative side effects. Last example for today: The 7th grader going through puberty that can't control his limbs due to his body growing and changing so much is definitely BANNED from squats. At least until his or her muscle develop enough to perform the movement without threat of injury. As a major squat enthusiast don't misinterpret what I'm saying here. I love squatting and I do believe it is the king of all lifts. There are some populations that might never squat bc it will do more harm than it will good. There's other populations that aren't capable of squatting yet, but will develop the capabilities to do so over time in training. Before I close out, here are just a few alternatives to squatting: any lunge variation Single-Leg Bulgarians Trap Bar Deadlifts heavy sled pulls/pushes step-ups leg presses Squat on... Dominate Another Day -Coach Hoke

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