Pause for GAINS in Lifting & Life

JVH Team,

I bet you can't name one person who is ok with being weak physically or mentally, not one. Nobody wants to feel like they're on the bottom of the totem pole. The average person, and especially those at JVH, want to be strong in both aspects of the word.

Training, to me is just a metaphor for life. If you can push yourself and overcome mental and physical barriers in training, then that mindset and strength easily can translate to everyday life. Therefore, in order to make yourself an overall stronger person it's important to take a few seconds and pause.

Pausing, or in the strength and conditioning world, "time under tension" is a massive strength gainer. When one pauses on any movement (squat, bench, deadlift, push-up, etc.) it gets rid of the stretch reflex. In lament terms it gets rid of the "rubber band like" reflex muscles have when they try to move a weight as quickly as possible through a certain range of motion. By getting rid of the stretch reflex it causes muscles to work even harder to get the weight to move and achieve a desired outcome. That, in turn will make your muscles stronger AND bigger.

Now, as aforementioned, training in a gym is a metaphor for life. When your spouse, friend, relative or anything else gets you mad, upset, or anxious take a second to pause. By pausing and analyzing an uncomfortable situation you train your mind to take into account every possible outcome and it's consequences, thus leading to less impulsive and possible destructive decisions.

So, next time you're looking to gain strength, pause on your warmup sets and see how much easier those reps become over time. Or in a real life situation take a second to analyze your predicament and choose the best option for you and everyone else.

Patience is a virtue

-Coach K

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