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StartFragmentJVH'ers, Let me preface this post by telling you I'm a food lover. I thoroughly enjoy a good meal. I recently got home from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The trip was for a destination wedding and vacation combined. It was nothing short of amazing, but you'll be surprised at the first thing I noticed other than the great weather and beautiful beaches... The farm fresh food! It's funny how such a sophisticated country like the US is only recently bringing back the notion of eating REAL food as opposed to processed junk. Everything from the fruit to the meat and fish was absolutely delicious. I even had a few coconuts chopped right off the tree so I could drink the coconut water. Hopefully we can start to catch up to developing countries like DR. On another note an athlete recently asked me how to eat well while constantly being on the move. I can definitely relate to this bc my lifestyle is such that I'm all over the place on a daily basis. The bottom line is, you have to batch cook or else you'll starve. Things like rice, ground meats, grilled chicken, broccoli and asparagus are easy to cook in bulk. Tuna fish and hard boiled eggs are also easy to stock up on so you have meals readily available. Other snacks that are dense with the proteins, fats and carbs necessary for an athlete on the move are trail mixes, whole grain oats or granola, PB & J, carrot and celery sticks, whole fruit, protein bars (huge fan of Probar), protein shakes. The secret is to plan ahead. Batch cook for the entire week on Sunday or cook your meals for Monday thru Wednesday and then on Wednesday night cook for Thursday and Friday. Whatever works for you, but you have to be consistent and plan ahead. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone! Dominate Another Day.

-Coach John V. HokeEndFragment

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