4 Requirements to be a better Athlete

JVH'ers, Ever notice how in sports and business there just seems to be those rare people that stand way above all their counterparts? 99% of the time that's not by accident. Those champs earned their skill-sets, whatever they might be, over years of hard work and dedication to their craft. I'll bet they also had these 4 characteristics to go along with all that diligence: 1. Honesty 2. Discipline 3. Mental Toughness 4. The ability to CORRECTLY respond to failure If you want the long version of this concept, pick up Train To Win By Martin Rooney. It's a phenomenal book and real easy to read. Rooney is owner of Training For Warriors and one of the most elite Coaches in the world. Don't forget, Knowledge is Power, but only if you apply it. Dominate Another Day. I'm on vacation for the next week, back with more when I return ;)

-Coach John V. Hoke

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