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Do You Believe In Your Program?

It's important to understand why you're training the way you are in order to improve the results you get from your program. Not everyone needs to be a strength & conditioning guru, but it would be wise to do some homework in regards to your training program. Or, ask the coach that designs your program how it will help you achieve your goals. Also ask why the program is design the way it is. Having an understanding of your training program will help you better execute it. You'll know when it's appropriate to go hard and heavy, when to scale back, when to push your limits, what the level of intensity should be, rest periods, when to speed up, when to slow down and dial in technique

Quality Over Quantity

Should you train 3 days/wk? 5 days/wk? Every day? Is more training really the answer for you? The first question you have to ask yourself is how many days can you CONSISTENTLY train per week? Then, take it a step further and ask yourself how many days can you CONSISTENTLY train with 100% EFFORT per week? It's important to challenge yourself, but don't be unrealistic. It's more important to make an honest COMMITMENT. It's even more important to omit the overnight success mindset. If you're a father of 3 children all under the age of 10, each one enrolled in sports/activities, with a full time career, own your home, your spouse also has a full time career and a dog thrown in the

Excellence Denied

We're taught from a young age in sports and school to strive for goals. Aim high, set lofty goals, reach for the stars... Why is it then that so few actually do and even fewer reach those lofty goals? Goes without being said that any highly sought after endeavor comes with obstacles, sacrifice, self-discipline, work-ethic, and mental toughness. I can (& often do) beat a dead horse with all those characteristics required to achieve BIG goals. I'll spare you that blabber for today. One of the hardest things to overcome (especially if you're not ALL IN.) is the 'stigma' place on you if you are that person reaching for the stars. Unless you're surrounded by hard-chargers 24/7 you'l

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