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Lions Den Seminar

Interactive Training Workshop This one has been a long time in the making. Joey Szatmary, owner of The Lions Den Elite Training Facility in PA has emerged as one of the industries top dogs in training. I can honestly say that there is nobody else in the fitness industry that has dedicated their every being to training, running a gym and having a powerful impact on people. The passion Joey has and the experience he has gained over the last few years is unmatched. He's already made a massive impact on the entire training world due to the hard work and dedication he has invested into his craft. His resume is absolutely astounding. Joey's gym has grown rapidly over the last 5 years, he's

Success Story Edition

SUCCESS STORY EDITION Mike & Tanya made an honest commitment to living a lifestyle that supports their strength, performance, body composition and overall health. They epitomize everything the Victory Lifestyle represents! Here's how Mike and Tanya earned these results: *Consistently train 3-5 days per week- they focus on improving strength with compound movements, eliminate weakness/imbalances and attack their conditioning. *Consume a balanced diet, which includes real food (versus countless supplements), limit sugary foods and simple carbs, healthy fats, lean protein, lots of water, cheat on occasion and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. *Avoid over exertion or reaching too far fo

Hypertrophy From High Reps Only?

When most people think about hypertrophy (gaining muscle size), they consider the typical 8-12 reps, 3-5 sets per exercise at a moderate load (65-75%). That thought process isn't wrong, it's just not the end all be all of hypertrophy training. If you're someone who needs to gain muscle mass you can do so from high volume training like I just mentioned. Another great way to get jacked is to shorten your rest periods. When you do that you'll maximize tissue damage in shorter periods of time, but with lower loads. You can also get jacked by slowing down the eccentric part of your lift. That's normally the lowering phase of the movement- going down on a squat, lowering your body d

Intention vs. Desire

There is noticeably a profound difference between someone who has intentions to achieve their goals and someone who has a burning desire to achieve them. From a Coaching perspective it's easy to tell the difference. We see it on the regular at JVH. Recently, I've been working harder to understand what pushes peoples buttons. Any nudge or push I can give to people in order to get them closer to their goals. Sometimes I sit back and observe an entire group of athletes training together for a few minutes. It's amazing how much you can learn about an athlete without even talking to them. The body language, effort, look in their eyes, focus, urgency, interactions with others, fee

Accountability Mirror

By now, the David Goggins book, Can't Hurt Me is in high demand. I highly recommend investing in this book, which is the most inspirational story I've heard in a long time. In the book he talks about the Accountability Mirror. Goggins was born into rock bottom and throughout the course of his life he battled back, but got knocked back down to rock bottom several times. He is a lone soldier who had enough courage to battle against all odds basically on his own. The David Goggins Accountability Mirror is one of the tactics he used to overcome failure. Any time you have doubt or meet a crossroads on your journey to achieving your goals, stop and take a look in the mirror and be hone

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