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What's New?!

There's been so much going on leading up to this spring I have to share it all :) 1. My son, Jackson Valor Hoke got an early start on life, but is healthy and home where he belongs :) 2. Major gym upgrades, new equipment, new floor plan on the way 3. This Sunday at 10am- FREE Sweat Sesh at JVH! We will now be offering Sunday Sweat Sessions, which will be quick hitter bodyweight, conditioning and core training to help boost recovery, fat loss and overall performance. First one is on us, punch card packages will be posted on our website & Instagram page. 4. North Rockland Girls Lax dominated their pre-season training with Coach Sully and Coach Ant. There's a reason these girls ar

Doing the Little Things

We're always preaching about training regularly, sticking to the basics, attacking weaknesses, improving strengths and all the things that deliver physical results in the gym. Ever think about how much effort goes into that 60-90 minutes you spend in the gym? Programming, technique, muscle groups, sets & reps, rest time, load, intensity... We can most likely agree that your actions and effort in the gym provides in large part your results. But, there's another 22 hours left in the day. Do you fuel your body/muscles for recovery post workout? Are you getting adequate sleep? (this one is huge and under-emphasized) If you train early in the morning are you getting complex carbs

There Will Always Be Adversity

JVH NEWSLETTER. Purpose + Work Ethic + Discipline + Resilience It's imperative to constantly work on improving those 4 in order to achieve your goals. They are the backbone of success. Adversity comes in many different forms. No matter how big or small the obstacle is, you will overcome it by honing in on the above recipe. I preach this to the wrestlers on a daily basis:

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