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Cool. Calm. Collected. An Inspiring Athlete Story Don’t Stress Mr. Adversity. Mr. Adversity always shows up. Usually he barges his way in right when things seem to be going great. All of a sudden he sets you back with a knee injury. Well, if you’re as focused as Mike Caputo was his senior year, you don’t even flinch. You don’t give Mr. Adversity the satisfaction of knowing he set you back. Click Here to Read More. Champions Mindset Then, when Mr. Adversity tried to derail Mike again by messing with his tournament seed on a BS, technicality he still didn’t flinch. Mike played the cards he was dealt and still won a section title and birth to compete at the state tournament. He prepared the sa

Is Sugar Really Evil?

JVH NEWSLETTER. Coaching life requires endless effort of study, research, and experimentation. In doing so, we come across articles, videos, and/or people that share knowledge bombs that can help us and the people we work with. That's exactly what this video did for me. Cleared the air about sugar in 10 minutes so I had to share it immediately! Maybe sugar isn't so bad after all ;) Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke PS Don't miss out on this reduced cost training opportunity at JVH! Click the link below to find out more. JVH ATHLETE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY!


JVH NEWSLETTER. That short quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has deep meaning. The struggle is where the glory is. Without it, you won't appreciate the experiences you had, the lessons you learned and the person you become while striving for a highly desired vision. The next time you find yourself staring down Mr. Adversity, remember that. As you wonder why you've been faced with such a roadblock holding you back from accomplishing your goals think about that message. Instead of fearing Mr. Adversity, stare him down and demand he brings his best shot. Chasing a state championship? Good, be ready for Mr. Adversity Want to earn a division 1 scholarship? Good, be ready for Mr. A

Athlete Promo

This won't last long, expires 1/31/2019: At JVH we attack training on the regular and have been since 2009. We take action on our goals as a training facility and all the members follow suit. Our members break past barriers every day while pushing each other, holding each other accountable, and improve their athletic ability workout after workout. Our Coaching staff has grown, which means we can open the doors to more athletes who want to take action on achieving their goals. If that's you, click the link below to sign up for a month of training at a 50% discount. *Space is limited, serious athletes only* Dominate

New Coaches

Announcement: We've expanded our team! JVH Performance has 2 new Coaches on staff- Bruce McLee and Anthony DiMarsico Coach B. McLee (Bruce McLee) is a former college wrestler (& HS football player). His athletic accomplishments include 2x all-section wrestler, NYS qualifier, 2 year captain. He also competed at the college level at Plymouth State University (2 years) and SUNY Ulster (2 years). Bruce was the team leader in wins, pins and tech falls at SUNY Ulster as well as a NJCAA qualifier and All-Region selection. Bruce has 10 years of training experience and has spent the last 6 months interning at JVH. Give Coach Bruce a follow- Coach Ant (Anthony

2018 Lessons

Each year leaves seeds of success to plant moving forward. Here’s 3 biggies I took away from last year ;) Dominate Another Day Coach Hoke

Hybrid Warm-Up

DO NOT OVERLOOK YOUR WARM-UP! Priming your body for intense training with flexibility/mobility drills, dynamic movements, core stability, and movement patterns that directly relate to your workout has a much larger impact than you think. Going into a workout cold and unfocused is an easy way to get hurt and/or cause your results to stall. As your training age increases, warming up becomes even more important. If you're committed to this lifestyle, commit to every aspect. Don't be lazy, take the time to warm-up and set yourself up for success now and in the future. Get yourself physically and mentally prepared to dominate your workouts with a warm

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