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Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as I am! Looking forward to some major upgrades at JVH in 2019 ;);) We've already added 2 more Coaches to our Team and thats just the start! Dominate Another Day. See y'all in 2019!

Holiday Hours

JVH HOLIDAY HOURS: Monday 12/24- Open Gym 8am-12pm (closing at 12) Tuesday 12/25- CLOSED Wednesday 12/26- Open Gym 12pm-8pm (closing at 8) Thursday- resume regular schedule Weekly schedule can be found here===> If you want to get lean and stay lean like this jacked Santa, increase your intensity in the gym. By intensity I mean the pace at which you train. Take fewer and shorter rest periods throughout your workout and aggressively attack each set/rep! Conditioning aka cardio is supplemental to strength work and when applied the right way yields fat burning results without sacrificing muscle/strength gains. Melting away on a treadmill or ellipti

Squat Series 4

As your training age increases the need for variation and advanced progressions becomes imperative in order to continue to gain strength. In regards to barbell squatting, you can take the next step with some of the progression in part 4 of our Squat Series. Learn how to overcome sticking points, avoid plateaus, put more focus on your posterior chain with the techniques we cover in this video. It's never too late to learn new training methods/techniques. Personally, I just began a new training block that includes Low Bar Back Squats. I posted my first low bar squat session on IG, view it RIGHT HERE. In my 15+ years training and Coaching I've played with low bar squats, but

Becoming More Explosive

So, my trip to The Lions Den last week was a busy one. Joey and I recorded a podcast discussing all aspects of Coaching. Episode RIGHT HERE. As gym owners and Coaches we're constantly asked if it's possible to produce certain results and if so how. One of the most sought after training results amongst athletes is developing explosive speed, power and quickness. The second reason for my road trip to The Lions Den was to shoot a video sharing my 3 best and most effective tips to develop explosive power: ---><--- Is it possible to make an athlete more explosive? If so, what are the best methods? Are athletes genetically pre-disposed to be more ex

Becoming The Lion Podcast

Last week I took a trip back to The Lions Den to train and knock out a beefy podcast with my buddy Joey Szatmary. We discussed characteristic that a great Coach encompasses and how we're still evolving as Coaches. This is something I'm super passionate about and so is Joey so the conversation was intense and loaded great content. We shared our experience as athletes, to then being placed in leadership roles and Coaches and how much we learn from the athletes we coach. Super pumped about this one! Below is the link to the episode. I highly recommend to subscribing to Joey's channel, Becoming the Lion: Enjoy! -Coach Hoke

Squat Series Part 3

Happy Monday and Have Fun with this gem! Coach Sully and I are fired up about this one! We're unveiling all the best barbell squat progressions that we use on a daily basis with our JVH Team members. These techniques yield the best strength gains for athletes and weekend warriors. Have a great week! Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke PS I have a bunch of new and exciting projects I'll be releasing in 2019 :) Stay connected for updates: For more videos like the one below, subscribe to the JVH Performance YouTube channel:

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