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Squat Series Part 2

Build your foundation with these squat progressions. Squat series, part 2 is all about progressions before getting under the bar. Beginner, intermediate, youth athletes commonly use these variations in order to build the strength, flexibility and foundation to prepare them for barbell loaded squats. That said, these squat variations are not exclusive to beginners. Even our most advanced lifters utilize these squat variations for volume, conditioning and/or rehab. Here is your 2nd compilation of squat technique: Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke

Squat Series Part 1

Now that squatober is over we decided to compile a few videos from all the content we shared throughout the month. The first one, which you can see below is all about priming your body to able to get under the bar and earn some serious gains! Next squat series video will include beginner level progressions that we've had success with Coaching members at JVH. Stay up to date by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Part 1 of the squat series is below ////----//// Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke

Do Not Allow Your Mind To Trick You! | Video

Your mind can be a powerful tool or your biggest enemy. Train it wisely ;) "Callus Your Mind!" -David Goggins Nobody has fire in their eyes for every day, every workout, every task. We all have days that we just aren’t “feeling it.” We do, however have the power to make a choice in those moments weak thoughts. You can train your mind to be powerful beyond measure by exercising that choice the right way. This technique works for me, hopefully it has the same effect on you ;) Thanks for following along! Subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE: Dominate Another Day. -Coach Hoke

Athleticism vs. Strength

Does one hand wash the other? Sort of. There's no doubt that your strength training program should make you more athletic, but what's the most effective way to do it? Training and Coaching athletes requires a great deal of attention to developing their foundation of STRENGTH. The stronger an athlete get's, the more coordinated, explosive, faster, conditioned and durable he/she becomes. For a naturally athletic person, gaining strength dramatically and noticeably improves their athletic ability. A prime example is the young athlete that is clearly 'fast twitch' amongst his/her peers. The fastest and seemingly most gifted athlete in their grade school class will usually react relative

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