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Core Exercises that boost performance

Your core musculature is a lot more vast than just your abs, but for today we'll focus mainly on your trunk. The 2 best core exercises to improve strength, performance and subsequently aesthetics are: 1. Planks 2. Loaded carries (front) I know what you're thinking. Rewind 10 years ago and I would have thought the same thing, "There's no way these 2 exercises are the best of the best when it comes to core training." Here's a brief explanation why they're the best... Your anterior and posterior core muscles in your trunk are made up of your abs (internal/external obliques, rectus/transverse abdominals) and your lower back muscles (erector spinae). Their job is to maintain sup

Build Strength instead of testing it every workout

Throughout your training toward reaching a specific goal you should focus on building strength instead of testing all the time. By constantly maxing out or testing your strength, your neurological system never really adapts to the stimulus. Plus your CNS will become fried and have you feeling tired and weak. If you can maintain the discipline to building strength and locking down all the techniques of the lifts, I guarantee you will PR when it comes to max out time. One of the keys to building up to your max is to leave a rep or two in the tank during training. You still need to battle under the bar and push yourself physically and mentally, but you shouldn't be grinding out sh*t

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