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Movement Quality vs. Going All Out

From the very beginning of most peoples strength and conditioning life the most coveted goal is to lift as much weight as possible. You start at the top, short end of the dumbbell rack and gradually climb your way to those elusive 100+ lb. dumbbells. Iron class graduations take place when you go from adding 10’s on the bar to 25’s to 45’s and then 2,3,4 45 lb. plates on each side! For most strength junkies, that’s why they keep coming back to train day in and day out. The only downfall is that a lot of those go-getters focus too much on the amount of weight lifted versus the technique they use to get that weight up. As a critic of this let me state on the record that I’m as guilty of thi

All out #1Training tip I can share!

Have you been training for at least a year by now? If yes, this post will undoubtedly help you achieve your iron chasing goals. I say that with as much conviction as possible bc this one simple tip applies to anyone who is committed to training regardless of your training goals. After 18 years of training (started at 13 turning 31 in a week!), it finally dawned on me! About a year and half ago when my daughter was born I finally found the discipline I needed to reach my training goals. All I had to do was stick to the plan over the long term instead of trying to do it all in every single training session. As a gym owner and Coach for almost 8 years now I’ve read this, advised it to others

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