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3 Myths about Speed Training

Speed training as it pertains to athletes has been a buzz word for over 10 years now. Surprisingly, I still see a ton of Coaches touting themselves as 'Speed Training Guru's,' yet I find their content and programming to be subpar, or downright inaccurate. I shouldn't be surprised anymore since anyone can get a certificate and become an entrepreneur nowadays, but I cannot let you be fooled anymore. After all this time with consideration how far the strength & conditioning world has come in the last 20 years, you would think there would be more legitimate Coaches out there. Guess not since we live in the 'drive-thru' era of instant gratification and self-proclamations. Got that drive-thru

Train to shed fat | Must do's

Here JVH Performance owner, John Hoke, talks about the training techniques needed to shed fat, lose weight, and gain muscle.

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