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Take 1 step back to take 3 forward

JVH Team, With the turn of each new year I like to reflect on the previous year. Reflections include success, failure, lessons learned, growth, setbacks, all things that will get me closer to personal mastery. There is no specific order as they are all equally important. I will take a page out of Tim S. Grovers book "Relentless" and number each lesson the #1. 1. Nothing Trumps Consistency - this counts in all aspects of life. Consistent with training, nutrition habits, family time, work ethic/effort, sleep patterns, goal setting, evaluating, and consistently moving closer to your goals. 1. You Can. You Will. You Must. Words to live by from Dr. Eric Thomas - If you want something badly en

Training | Improve Squats Part 2

Guys, sometimes you plateau on major lifts like the squat, it happens. Most of the time it's because you've been hitting the same exercises over and over again and your body's adjusted to that stimulus. So with this post, I'm going to give you my 3 favorite assistance exercises to strengthen, balance, and make your legs indestructible. 1. The Bulgarian Split Squat This exercise is by far my favorite assistance exercise. This not only works your quads, but it's a major glute builder and a huge stabilizer. In order to do this correctly you have to have one leg elevated on a bench, as seen in the first picture. You have to have a wide stance to make sure your knee tracks properly over your foo

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