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Everybody. Needs. Cardio.

In JVH Performance's latest blog article brings us a new perspective from Coach Khalil. He explains the importance of cardio regardless of t

"Yea but... I don't want to get bulky!"

"I don't want to get too bulky so I'm not going to lift heavy." Ever have these thoughts or heard someone say something along those lines? Are you a Coach or a Trainer? If yes I know you've had this conversation with clients many, many times and each time it aggravates you more and more. Those of you that train to look good, be strong, lean, functional and healthy must engage in some sort of heavy lifting. That doesn't mean you have to chase a 500lb. deadlift, but compound, multi-joint lifts are necessary in your program. Doing light weight, isolation exercises in excess will NOT get you to look like this: I understand why older people and/or women would shy away from what they perceive as

JVH Performance | Nutritional Seminar

What will we cover at the Nutrition Seminar? Nutrition habits aka your diet seem to be a topic of discussion everywhere and especially in any gym you walk in to. For most people understanding the basics and what they need to eat in order to perform life's daily activities will suffice. Other times, athletes or gym rats may have more dialed in, specific goals when it comes to performance and/or aesthetics. This will be the fifth Nutrition Seminar hosted at JVH Performance. Each time we've had guest speakers from varying backgrounds diving into all different areas of the ever-expansive topic. This particular seminar will include discussions about the difference between nutrition for perform

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