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Overcoming Injury: Is it really all about the physical recovery?

Today we bring you a brief inspirational story to help anyone understand how to overcome any serious injury. Video of the results at the end. Do you watch or participate in a sport at any level? Are you committed to training regardless whether you play sports or not? Do your kids play any sports? Do you have a friend of a friend of a friend whose big brother plays a sport? If you answered yes to just one of those questions, you NEED to read on… Regardless if you play sports, watch sports or just train bc you love crushing the iron I’m sure you have some sort of experience overcoming a serious injury. You could have been seriously injured or you likely know someone who suffered through a m

4 Character Traits of the Ultra Successful

People that are highly skilled, highly successful and highly motivated possess a few traits that average people don’t have and can’t seem to get. What are they? Well, let’s just say that there are more than just a few, but we’ll tackle the big ones. Vision | The best athlete, most recognized company, leading CEO, the best parents all have a clear vision of what they want. They know what type of people to surround themselves with, what steps it will take to achieve their vision and they have a timeline in order to reach that end result. Without a clear-cut vision how would you know what to strive for? What action steps to take? That vision is often in the distance, but it can be seen cl

NO Hacks in Training. Ever.

There are no Hacks in Training! JVH Team, Before I begin this rant allow me to clarify that this post goes out to anyone who is currently training, wants to train, or about ready to call it quits on training. If you’re too lazy to read this entire article I’ll sum it up in one sentence; THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO HACKS IN TRAINING SO, PLEASE STOP LOOKING FOR THEM! I’ve been feeling as though my writing has been soft, which is why I need to spice things up and be totally transparent on this one. To say the world of training and performance has grown rapidly in the last 15 years is an extreme understatement. That kind of sucks bc people are so confused nowadays they either do way too much, or

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