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3 Ingridients to become an Explosive athelete.

JVH Team, StartFragmentAs a Strength, Conditioning, and Speed Coach I get inquiries all the time about producing explosiveness for athletes of all ages and various sports. We've all seen a sporting event where there are one or two athletes that just seem to move quicker, jump higher and remain a step ahead of their teammates and the opposition. It's no secret that this type of fast twitch, explosive athlete is an asset to any team, any sport. But how do you develop that type of quickness???EndFragment StartFragment 1. Always focus on getting stronger 2. Sprint, jump, hop, bound, change direction, practice your sport 3. Train fast and explosive.... with Olympic lifts. Allow me to

Watch! | When push comes to shove, PUSH BACK!

JVH Team Nothing fancy in this email. It's actually a little bit of a gut check. I find myself getting more frustrated as I get older and more experienced. I've trained a lot of athletes that compete at a high level in their respective sports. Thing is, a lot of times the best athletes who also train hard in the gym give in when they're pushed by an opponent who may have been equally as prepared as them. I WANT SEE SOME PUSHING BACK!! I'm only bringing this up bc I've seen it over and over again at this point. Things aren't always handed over to you just bc you put in the work. Sometimes, other athletes put in equal or more work and they just happen to be your opponents. Other t

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