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JVH Performance Training
JVH Performance Training
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JVH Babes Training

Our customized programming is an affordable way to get your own individual training regimen without the high cost of private training.  We take into consideration all of your individual needs and goals to construct a program that is for designed specifically for you.   You will receive individual instruction, but also get the benefit of training in the group setting.  

Customized programs
have included
but are not limited to

  • Speed Training

  • Combine prep

  • Wedding day preparation

  • Recovery from injury/surgery

  • Powerlifting

  • Muscle/weight gain

  • Fat loss/body composition analysis

  • Obstacle course race preparation

Membership Includes

*Evaluation/assessment and goal-setting consultation specific to your needs


*Periodized individual programming to ensure you reach your goals by a specified deadline


*Individualized Coaching and nutritional guidance for your specific program.  


*Personal check-ins and accountability from the Coach writing your program


*Access to our Member App- TrueCoach


*Take home packet with invaluable resources to help our athletes live the Victory Lifestyle

*Community of JVH Team members that will push you and serve as the best support system you can utilize to help you achieve your goals!

*Subscription to the JVH Newsletter, which delivers email content full of training, nutrition, motivation, goal-setting and all things that make up the Victory Lifestyle!

 Payment Plans


*Price drops to $257/month after 3 months of commitment

$287 per month

Questions? Let us know.

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