JVH Performance 

Personal Training

Membership Includes

*Evaluation/assessment and goal-setting consultation specific to your needs


*Periodized individual programming to ensure you reach your goals by a specified deadline


*Individualized Coaching and nutritional guidance for your specific program provided from one Coach.  


*Body composition analysis


*Daily check-ins and accountability from the Coach writing your program


*Field trip to the grocery store to teach you how to grocery shop to ensure you develop solid nutrition habits to support your goals


*Video analysis (for performance-based programs)


*Take home packet with invaluable resources to certify that you live the Victory Lifestyle


*Community of JVH Team members that will push you and serve as the best support system you can utilize to help you achieve your goals!

*Subscription to the JVH Newsletter, which delivers email content full of training, nutrition, motivation, goal-setting and all things that make up the Victory Lifestyle!

 Payment Plans

12-session bundle | 3-month expiration

$110 per session