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If you’re a competitive athlete seeking to drastically improve your performance on the

field/court/mat, this program is for you. All our athletes undergo an

evaluation/assessment followed by a goal-setting consultation so that we can fully

understand the roadblocks you need to overcome in order for you to reach your full

athletic potential. Each athlete is progressed through ASCP, which results in

increases in strength, speed/agility/quickness, self-confidence, injury prevention and work

capacity aka conditioning. The Coaches are diligent about cueing proper technique and

intensity for each individual athlete, regardless of sport or age. We individualize the

training based on our initial assessment and have the athletes train together so they’re

surrounded by the powerful influence of our go-getter JVH Team members.

So many of our athletes have dominated their sport since 2009!  Although we love to see our athlete succeed in their sport, it’s not our biggest value.  It is our mission to instill the core values of the Victory Lifestyle in each athlete so they can be successful in the sport of life!

Membership Includes

*Evaluation/assessment and goal-setting success session

*Access to our Member App- TrueCoach


*Individualized Coaching in a semi-private small group setting


*Nutrition Coaching

*Community of JVH Team members that will push you and serve as a strong support system to help you achieve your goals!


*Subscription to the JVH Newsletter, which delivers email content full of training, nutrition, motivation, goal-setting and all things that make up the Victory Lifestyle!

*Military discount 20% off any training membership*

Payment Plans


Unlimited (4 coaching sessions/week + unlimited gym use) | $197 per month

Limited (up to 3 sessions/week) | $167 per month

*No long-term commitment or sign up fee

*Memberships are billed monthly pending start date of training

*sessions do not roll over into following months

College Students

15% any membership!

Family plans

2-Siblings | 

Unlimited- $350 per month (unlimited sessions and gym use per athlete)


Limited- $275 per month (up to 3 sessions/week per athlete)

3 Family Members

$450 per month- unlimited

4+ Family Members |

$500 per month- unlimited

Questions? Let us know.

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