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Adult Training

Everyone that’s a part of the JVH Team is considered an athlete, regardless of your age or if you’ve ever competed in a sport!  The ASCF program provides safe, yet highly effective training and coaching techniques in a group setting.  We program the training so that you can achieve your strength, fat-loss and body composition goals without the risk of injury.  You will be under the close watch and guidance of our Coaches as you progress through fundamental strength training, injury prevention, flexibility and conditioning aka cardio.  Your evaluation/assessment and goal-setting consultation is followed up with 4-6 intro level workouts in order for you to get acclimated to our style of training.  Our primary focus is to deliver the results you want in the safest, most effective way possible!

Membership Includes

*Evaluation/assessment and goal-setting success session


*Individualized Coaching from our Team of Coaches


*Nutrition Coaching


*Take home packet with invaluable resources to help our athletes live the Victory Lifestyle


*Community of JVH Team members that will push you and serve as a strong support system to help you achieve your goals!


*Subscription to the JVH Newsletter, which delivers email content full of training, nutrition, motivation, goal-setting and all things that make up the Victory Lifestyle!

 If you haven't trained in a long time, or you're returning from an injury, or perhaps haven't ever been involved in an authentic training program this is the best option for you.  This program will help build the 'foundation' for a healthy and strong lifestyle.  The Foundations program delivers with basic movement patterns that can be progressed to more advanced training methods based on your progress.  Each individual is different so don't feel like you need to keep pace with anyone!  Go at your own pace and focus on building a functional level of strength and aerobic capacity.  The Coaches are always here to guide you through!

3x per week | $167 per month

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Foundations Membership

 Payment Plans


2x per week | $197 per month

3x per week | $227 per month

Unlimited | $247 per month

6-Month Commitment

2x per week | $187 per month

3x per week | $217 per month

Unlimited | $227 per month

12-Month Commitment

2x per week | $177 per month

3x per week | $197 per month

Unlimited | $217 per month

Group Rates

Couple or 2-Siblings | $350 per month

3 Family Members$450 per month

4+ Family Members | $500 per month

Athlete Programs

1 Year (1 Athlete) | $1850.00

1 Year (2 Athletes) | $3000.00